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AAA Playground Toddler Play Center

AAA Playground Toddler Play Center
Age Group:
1 to 3 years
Unit Size:
36″ x 18″ x 16″
Short Description:
  • Mirrored play area
  • Trapezoid-ian shape for extra balance
  • Play surfaces on top and underneath
  • Rounded corners and edges on all sides
Product Description

Children will walk, crawl, and play, developing their motor and cognitive skills, thanks to the Toddler Play Center. This innovative piece provides a stable base for kids to pull themselves up and practice their walking skills. Two see-me acrylic mirrors reflect kids’ faces, allowing them to develop their self-recognition abilities, as well as make silly faces. The mirrors feature rounded corners and edges for safety. And because the unit ships fully assembled, kids in your care can begin playing with this dynamic tool immediately. Made from sturdy, 11-ply birch veneer, the Toddler Play Center is as attractive as it is practical and will hold up to years of everyday use. Two children can play with the unit at once, one above and one below, and the top can be used as a flat surface for toys, crafts, and coloring.

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